March 5, 2018
4:18 p.m.

Thanks to @nataliewee for the idea of putting all of the songs for song of the day on a Spotify playlist. :) I love you


I will also put the Youtube link for the song on here as well. I hope you guys enjoy today's song of the day!

Today's song of the day is:

young the giant image
Mind Over Matter by Young the Giant

This song to me is questioning whether or not his love will stay with him. He is travelling long and far from the one he loves. However, his love remains in his mind. He has to go through being away from the one he loves and go through questioning if the love will remain.

"And when the seasons change will you stand by me?" is my favorite line in the song. I think that it's the most powerful and stands out the most. As each seasons comes and goes, will you leave like they do?