When I am listing to the song Mystery of love from movie Call Me By Your Name, I hear the sound of love.

Turn on the song and just listen to it. Listen what it does to your heart.

first love.
it's written to you life. First steps of not being afraid of touch. First steps of feeling to light up for someone.

first love is so vulnerable, but so powerful. it teaches you
how to love.
who to find.
why to smile.

it touches you for a lifetime. From this time you know you want to be loved - you have visions of love.

we're still on the beginning of love.
we learn how to love but we don't want to move on another person.
we want to love the one and only so far.

I know your tears come in waves if you imagine you're loving someone who does not love you back.

I think... we're all different.
we're leading wars.
we're divided into groups.
we're changing

but love connects us with the same pain and lust