this is my first article and I wanted to keep it simple, so I thought the this is me challenge would be a good start (I'm sorry if my English is shit I'm Dutch) enjoy!


clothes, orange, and natural image dreadlocks, dreads, and red dreads image fashion, winter, and scarf image dreads, girl, and dreadlocks image
I don’t really know what kind of style I have I think boho/hipster idk as long as it is cozy and cute I would wear it


girl, nature, and simple image green, nature, and plants image quotes and life image ginger, hipster, and indie image
I like the colour green because it reminds me of nature


sweater, autumn, and fall image atticus, heart, and quote image boy, couple, and girl image girl, indie, and window image
I'm pretty awkward and insecure and a kinda clumsy I am also a person who is always day dreaming


bed, furniture, and couple goals image girl, forest, and travel image art, drawing, and plants image Image removed
I like to cuddle, hiking in the forest, watch netflix and I draw sometimes

show or movie

Inspiring Image on We Heart It psychopath, ahs, and american horror story image bar, lights, and netflix image totoro, anime, and gif image
My favourite shows are American horror story, the end of the f world, stranger things and I love any studio chibli movie


food, pasta, and tomato image food, healthy, and avocado image food, sushi, and fish image food, foodie, and foods image


dreadlocks image piercing, lips, and septum image Image by AlejandraPrzR️️ glasses, white, and accessories image
I'm a kind of tall I have green dreads, green eyes and some piercings, and most of the time I wear big round glasses


animal, deer, and nature image animal, deer, and nature image animal, cute, and deer image animal, deer, and nature image