It'll be a long while until I actually plan on having children, but I felt like making this article to have something to look back to. Maybe in the future I'll decide on different names, but these are some names I am infatuated with at the moment.

for my daughter

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This name literally means intense happiness. I think it's a gorgeous name. I also think I could get a really cute nickname out of it and call her Fee.

I love the way this name rolls off the tongue, especially if you have a spanish accent. I think it has a really sweet tone and it as well has really cute nicknames that I adore Mila or Millie.

My mother actually picked this name. I grew up in a household that circled around music, so if I were to pick this name, it would be after my mother.

for my son

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I'm sure most of you know The Beatles hit song "Hey Jude." I love the simplicity of this name, and I think overall it's just a fun and quirky name for a boy.

I think this name kind of falls under the romantic poet Ralph Waldo Emerson. I'm a huge fan of the romanticism era and love all the great works that came from it. Not really sure why but this name gives me a nostalgic feeling.

I adore this name as well because of its longevity in life. I think it's a quite sophisticated name and can be shortened to Will or even Liam.


I'm excited to start my family some day. Excited for the joys of parenthood and the endless love that comes with it.

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