Hi! Today is my birthday! I'm 17 now and I wanted to write an article for this special day. I saw a lot of people do the "This is me" challenge and I felt inspired about it, so here we go:


grunge, black, and pale image black and white and boy image black, coat, and fashion image autumn, beautiful, and black image


art, grunge, and blue image crystal, blue, and grunge image blue, colors, and art image blue, art, and paint image


travel, city, and airplane image eye, drawing, and blue image chanel, fashion, and style image book, grunge, and read image planet, moon, and grunge image sea, music, and ocean image


dolphin, sea, and animal image wolf, white, and animal image tiger, animal, and white image peacock, animal, and feather image animal, leopard, and eyes image theme, Swan, and aesthetic image


sushi, food, and delicious image donuts, food, and chocolate image food, chocolate, and delicious image Inspiring Image on We Heart It


world, quotes, and sucks image dreams, pastel, and pink image batman, funny, and hero image japanese, ukiyo, and words image words image quotes, submarine, and alone image


boy, Hot, and black and white image boy, hair, and vintage image eyes, tumblr, and eye image boy, Hot, and black and white image

8-TV Shows

teen wolf, wolf, and series image blonde, girl, and blood image la casa de papel, netflix, and money image riverdale, pop, and tumblr image


god and percy jackson image book, hunger games, and the hunger games image divergent, book, and quotes image alchemist, vampire academy, and strigoi image


paris, night, and light image Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫 car, nature, and rain image travel, venice, and city image

Thanks for reading 😊