Hey lovely hearters, this is my version of the "this is me challenge" <3


fashion image fashion, girl, and outfit image orange, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and black image

A colour

beauty, shoes, and black image fashion, style, and beautiful image kendall jenner, model, and oscar image fashion and black image


Image removed golden, headphones, and monday image fly, plane, and travel image fashion, girl, and style image

An animal

dog, girl, and animal image dog, cameron dallas, and boy image wes tucker, dog, and wesley image cameron dallas, dog, and boy image


pizza, food, and friends image food, fries, and delicious image cake, chocolate, and dessert image food, healthy, and avocado image


quotes, book, and text image quotes, love, and sad image girl, Halloween, and lacasadepapel image smoke, nails, and black image


quotes and lawyer image Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫 gucci, fashion, and style image money, girl, and tumblr image

A book

book, livro, and read image Image removed bed, reading, and game of thrones image book, love, and bookworm image

A movie

insurgent, divergent, and four image Image by Justine🥊 candor, lockscreen, and amity image divergent, four, and theo james image


blue, halsey, and dress image lana del rey image aesthetic, tumblr, and lil pump image azalea, Iggy, and rapper image


sleep, bed, and white image Abusive image money, boy, and lana del rey image fashion and outfit image


beach, beautiful, and Greece image bikinis, summer, and girl image summer, fashion, and girl image beautiful, holiday, and water image