The other day I wrote this in school and I felt as if I should share it with you guys
The Hardest crucible I have ever faced is honestly probably learning to love who I am as a person. Ever since I could remember I’ve always had a strong hatred for whom I was and still am at has taken me a great deal of strength and will power to pick my own self up and dust off myself and continue to fight and push for Something that never seem to be great and amazing at the time but the moment I finally reached the point to loving who I was, was the best day of my life I finally realized who I was and how great and amazing I can truly be. I still fight to love myself everyday I have to remind myself who I am somedays it harder than others , but if I don’t do it ill get back to the part of me that wasn’t happy. You’re probably why would a 17 year old girl hate her self? Well honestly I can’t say exactly what had started the self hate because its not fair to blame some or someone else for why I am not happy with who I’ve become. All I can do it push to make myself better and happier with who I am becoming every single day is a step in the right direction some days aren’t as easy as other but I refuse to give up giving up is no longer a option in my life.
Loving who I am has taught me to appreciate the little things like smell of flowers, the breeze that flows through my hair , its taught me to appreciate the smiles and the sounds of laughter. I often try to help others who seem distressed or upset in anyway now I mean I did it when I didn’t love myself but I wasn’t helping them as much as I could if that makes since.I know I seem like a shy kid in your class its because I have a hard time warming up to people because im scared to let my guard down and take a joke way to serious and then ill end up not being able to fight through the day as well as I can currently but I am trying my best to work on that..