Hola!! I believe that the best way to get to know me is to understand the music I listen to, so I decided to put an article together to share the music I love. As week 1, I decided to add the songs I've either loved for years or ones I found this week. -Also, beware this article will be very long because I adore these songs for reasons and I really want to share why I love these songs, not just the title and artist.

Gods Plan - Drake explicit
I'm not sure why this song draws me to it, I listened to it once and it was stuck in my head for the rest of the day. After listening to it again I really saw how catchy it is.

Personal - Kehlani explicit
I was trying to find new female artists to listen to a few months ago, my friend suggested a few and Kehlani was one of them. You cannot deny that her voice is STUNNING! This song is so so so catchy and even when I haven't listened to it for a week, I will find myself humming the tune, so how could I not include it?

Back For More - Justine Skye, Jeremih
The entire of Justine's album 'ULTRAVIOLET' has me wanting to go back for more, literally. I cannot get enough of it. Back for more has to be one of my favorite songs on the album.

Excavate - Macklemore, Saint Claire
I love music which makes me think about life, Excavate being one of them. Macklemore's voice is relaxing and I have no words to describe my love for this song.

CRZY - Kehlani explicit
I'm sitting here, playing CRZY through my headphones and trying to write words that make sense to accurately describe this song. There is none that I can find, I adore the beat, the way she sings, everything about this song is something I simply cannot describe.

Love Myself - Hailee Steinfield
"Gonna love myself, no, I don't need anybody else," Some lyrics that I LIVE BY! Honestly! You don't need anybody else, you are fine with you and are perfect as you are!

Written In The Stars - Lauren Sanderson, PnB Rock
I think that Lauren has AMAZING music, I adored the original of this song when her project 'Spaces' was released, the new version of this song is perfect and I never knew I could love this song anymore than I already did, but hey. It happened.

Castle On The Hill - Ed Sheeran
When this song was first released I was in love, it reminded me of summer when myself and some friends would find ourselves in a field with nothing to do but to be away from the housing estates surrounding us. The style of this song really makes me feel at home and at peace in the late summer evening in that field with a few close friends surrounding me. It also made me realize how fast you can grow up, how fast you can be in middle school, then high school and before you know it you're moving into your first house with a partner and a baby on the way. Being a teenager listening to this song, it really made me value every second of every day because of how fast things can change.

Strangers - Sigrid
When I first heard this song, I listened to it again and by the third play I knew all the words. I adore this song from 00:00 to 3:53. I t has the perfect beat which always has me tapping my foot unconsciously.

Location - Khalid
YOU CANNOT DENY THAT THIS SONG DOESN'T GET STUCK IN YOUR HEAD! Honestly, other than it being unnecessarily catchy, when this song was released I was in love and recently found my way back to Khalid's spotify page playing this. Just listening to this song now, it's relaxing to the ears.

Los Angeles - Lauren Sanderson
I think that anybody with a dream should listen to this song, whether they plan to go to LA or not, it's the idea of saying to your parents that you will be big soon, unaware of how you're getting there but knowing you will. Whether your dream is to be big or whether your dream is more small scale, never let anything get in the way. If you know how you will get there or not, have the positivity knowing one day if you work hard enough, you will. If nobody else believes in you, I do. I know that whatever your dream, you will be able to achieve it.

Young Dumb & Broke - Khalid
Okay, truth be told is that the main reason I added this song is because of the title describes my life. I'm young, VERY dumb and VERY broke. However I believe I love this song because of the loves story it tells.

Let's Be Birds - Jacob Whitesides
You cannot tell me that this boy doesn't have any talent. I remember in 2015 when I first heard this song and I fell in love with the way Jacob sings it, it just all fits perfectly. If there was a word for me to be able to describe this song, I would use it.

Goodlove - Justine Skye explicit
I have no idea what it is with this song, along with Back For More (and all the other songs on this album) I adore it! It is one of my favorites from ULTRAVIOLET and easy to tap your feet and sing along to. Whenever Goodlove plays I find myself easily dancing (more or less looking like an idiot) nevertheless, it's a CATCHY song! I think almost all of the songs on this list are catchy but I have no other way to describe catchy songs since you can play it once in the morning and be taking an exam of some sort and find yourself only ale to concentrate on the lyrics. How much easier would it be if we could remember revision notes like we remember lyrics?

IDGAF - Dua Lipa explicit
The second I heard Dua's album I was in love! The music video for IDGAF didn't disappoint. I feel the beat to this song is what is stuck in your head all day, leaving you to struggle to remember the lyrics, making you play the song over and over. This doesn't seem to matter because of the amazing talent Dua has.

Dear Universe - Lauren Sanderson explicit
This song really made me realize what I want in life, it made me realize that although I don't totally know, I have an idea. There was a time in my life where I wasn't very happy and this song helped me so much during that time. Lauren is extremely talented and this song helps spread a positive message.

Him & I - G-Eazy, Halsey explicit
When I first heard this song on top 40 music charts I instantly fell in love. Some songs have that effect. No matter the lyrics, it could be a song about the color blue, you will still fall in love almost instantly. Both Halsey and G-Eazy are surely very talented

Finesse - Carbi B, Bruno Mars
Growing up, I don't think I can remember a time when I haven't been able to name a Bruno Mars song. Whatever your opinion on Cardi B, Finesse is a truly great song on both artist's part.

Gone - Bazzi
I remember discovering Bazzi, before mine, before Gone, quite a few months back. By a few months, I'm unsure of the timing so this could amount to anything between November or May last year. Bazzi is extremely talented and I cannot get enough of his music, the day I decided to create this weekly playlist, Gone was released so I thought it was perfect for me to add!

Never Be The Same - Camila Cabello
The day Camila released this song, I had it on repeat. She is a talented artist and very kind. I have no words to describe my love for her and her album 'Camila'. Upon leaving Fifth Harmony Camila knew it wouldn't be easy. She has said herself that she never expected she would get the support she has. I still find myself humming the tune when I'm in class or in the car.

Mine - Bazzi explicit
As I said in 'Gone's writing, I knew about Bazzi long before Mine was released and it's crazy how far he has come, for example the last time I checked he was at 46 on the iTunes chart which I am almost certain has changed since then. Bazzi is truly an incredible artist with incredible talent.

Eraser - Ed Sheeran
First listening to the lyrics of Eraser, there was one that really caught my attention. This being "Our conversations with my father on the A14
Age twelve telling me I've gotta chase those dreams". This is the main reason I decided to put this song in this article and this playlist. As a girl from a small town, Over my years my mother and I have shared many conversations on the A14, which is a motorway in England. This song makes me feel at home, even when I feel so disconnected with my hometown.

Oceans - Lauren Sanderson explicit
Oceans is a beautiful song with a beautiful message. There is nothing else I can say about this, the only way to accurately describe this song is for you to listen to it. Oceans as helped several people through very tough times, I personally wouldn't know where I would be without it. Lauren manages to use songs and music to spread such a positive message, I can never say that enough.

FRIENDS - Marshmello, Anne Marie
This is one of those radio songs, you know what I'm talking about. The one that is overplayed but you just cannot get enough of! Well, for the reason that I am one of the people who cannot get enough of it, here it is!

Inside Out - Camila Cabello
As before, I believe Camila is such a talented artist and I adore her new album. I think that Inside Out is such a cute song, I say that because it reminds me of a song you would hear on a playlist when somebody is confessing their love to another.

Empty - Olivia O 'Brien explicit
Whenever I play Empty on spotify it always makes me think deeply, it makes me go into deep conversations about life at 2am with my friends. I adore this song with all my heart and more.

All These Years - Camila Cabello
This song makes me contemplate life, it makes me want to write a love story between two people. A story with a perfect beginning and a perfect ending. It makes me want to write a love song. Although, it also makes me want to write a piece of writing, maybe a poem, about somebody who still loves another even though they left so many years ago.

Fuck Feelings - Olivia O'Brien explicit
I am questioning even putting 'explicit', after all, the title surely gives it away. Anyway, This song makes me dance around my living room screaming out the lyrics.

If you've made it this far, Congratulations!! Thank you for reading this article which I feel is revealing all of my secrets. I mean it when I say the music I listen to gives away who I am as a person. I'm more than sure that many other people feel this way too. I wrote this article as a way to share the songs and artists I love. There are so many more artists and songs I love out there, One article will never be enough. Even this is long!

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