Just so you know, I’m a french teenager and it’s my first article on whi so sorry if there’s mistakes, i’ll do my best ! enjoy ♡

Since i’m a toddler, my family and my friends always told me to stop worrying, or stressing about nothing, and as you can see, i’m a pretty stressful person, that’s not always easy but here I am, taking deep breaths and enjoying my life so, no problems !
In France, there’s an expression who says “voir le verre à moitié plein ” , in english you can translate that by “seeing the glass half as full”.
For example, it’s like when you see a cute top in a store but there’s not your size anymore and you’re like “FU** ! Why does this keep happening to me !? It’s always the same !” and then you go back to your room and you continue your day on a bad mood and etc...
So in those moments I decide to think about the things I do everyday who makes me feel better.
So here’s a list of things that makes me happy, enjoy !

-When I take my bus to go to high-school and I see the sun rising.
vintage, bus, and people image girl, sleep, and music image
-When I go in a thrift shop whit my booo.
thrift shop, funny, and macklemore image aesthetic, beatles, and grunge image
- When I come back from school and go in my bed to watch some of my fav shows.
stranger things, netflix, and series image gif, jane villanueva, and jane image
-When I’m at the beach and I feel the warm of the sun while swimming.
summer, girl, and beach image blue, explore, and exploring image
-When you listen to one of your favorite song that you haven’t heard in a while.
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That’s it for today, hope you enjoyed it and once again sorry for all the mistakes !
Have a good day/night 🌗

PS : yep that’s Billie Eillish on the cover because she’s such a queen, like when am I gonna marry her ?!