I love to travel, especially in Europe! I have been lucky enough to visit Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, France and Austria. I haven't, however, been to all the wonderful European cities, and would love to see them in the near future. So, here is a travel list in an anagram of my name, Maia (pronounced may-ah). It was inspired by other articles like this I've seen floating around, so not my idea, just recreating with my own name for fun!
xox M

M - Madrid

city, light, and madrid image
Such stunning architecture. the Museo Del Prado would be my pick for a day time activity along with a walk in El Retiro. This is also where my best friend now currently lives, another reason to go!

A - Amsterdam

amsterdam image
I really want to visit the Anne Frank house, such an interesting insight into that period of time and the horrors of the war.

I - Ibiza

ibiza, sea, and spain image
The legendary party island would be perfect for a relaxing getaway, so just sun bathing and scoping out the nightlife on my 'to do' list here!

A - Ancona

beach, fun, and italy image
Although not well know, Ancona (in the east of Italy) and the surrounding area boasts stunning coastline, white sand and blue sea.