Ecco qui di seguito la raccolta dei baci più belli delle serie tv, tutti quei baci magici che mi hanno sconvolto e costretto a mettere in pausa e restare qualche secondo in silenzio per riuscire a superare lo shock.
I hope you like it xoxo

New Girl

new girl, kiss, and jess image
Nick and Jess, this is their first kiss, i love it and i love them.


kiss, love, and sherlock image
Sherlock and Molly, this kiss is fake but when i saw it i was shock.

The Vampire Diaries

caroline forbes, kiss, and the vampire diaries image
Klaus and Caroline. Omg, i love this kiss, it's so passionate and i waited it for five seasons.


friends image
Ross and Rachel. This is their first kiss in the Central Perk.

The Big Bang Thoery

big bang theory, kiss, and sheldon and amy image
Sheldon and Amy. When i saw this kiss i started scream. I love them so much.

Two men and half

ashton kutcher, couple, and kiss image
Alan and Walden. They aren't gay but i love this kiss beacuse it surprised me.


Effy, kiss, and skins image
Freddie and Effy, this kiss is so romantic and i love it.