Despite the fact it's been snowing in England, where I live, Spring is here! That also means spring break is approaching and although we all get excited about it, most of us will begin to get a little bit bored at some point. Here are some fun things you can do when you’re bored!

Spa night!
Spa nights are the best and you can really treat yourself! I have an article called 5 ways for self care so check that out after this!

2. Go shopping
No excuses! If your broke you can always go window shopping. I always like to do this with either my friends or with my sister.

3. Go on a hike
This is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors and get fit and healthy!

4. Go on a fun photoshoot
After you’ve done this, your instagram feed will not know what hit it! Go to a fun place, wear a cute outfit and get snapping! You can also do this at home, if the weather's not great.

5. Lunch dates
Enjoy a fun lunch with your friends….I mean food+friends! What more could a girl ask for?

6. Netflix date
If you don’t feel like a lunch date just watch netflix/youtube and realise just how much you appreciate your computer screen!

7. Make a spring break bucket list
This will take up some time and you’ll also have loads of things to do when you’re bored

8. Create collections
I honestly don’t know why but I find making collections with a certain theme eg rose gold or dance so satisfying! It’s a fun way to let time pass by.

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