This is my shoe collection. Not big at all but upcoming.:)

My first pair is the known isabel marant shoes with wedge. Mine are in dusted black.

isabel, shoes, and sneakers image shoes, fashion, and Isabel marant image classy, fashion, and girl image cool, fashion, and shoes image

I also have a pair of shoes from alexander mcqueen. The version i have is exact the same colorway as the first picture.

Alexander McQueen image shoes, beautiful, and fashion image Alexander McQueen, black & white, and shoes sneakers image Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, and fashion style image

In my collection I have all the fenty shoes below in the colorways on the pictures.

puma, shoes, and black image puma, shoes, and red image purple, rihanna, and shoes image khaki, fenty, and green image puma, rihanna, and shoes image Image by Stine

Off course I have a pair from New Balance. Mine are in all white.

fashion, jeans, and shoes image fashion, girl, and new balance image aesthetic, beautiful, and amazing image nb and new balance crt image

A pair of Asics Gel Lyte like the first picture.

Image by Stine asics, fashion, and shoes image Image by Where Do Broken Hearts Go~ Image by Aria

A pair of Raf Simons. I got them in the grayish color just like the first picture.

bench, raf, and blue image adidas, shoes, and fashion image
adidas, адидас, and casual image
I think thats about it haha Hope you liked it:)
I have got more shoes since. If you want to se the rest, just write to me. Then i will make a new article with the new ones.