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so when i was watch youtube last night i randomly came at a video about baby names. i watched more baby name videos and came on the idea to make an article about it. so here i am, making an article about baby names! hope you enjoy xx

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also known as a teen wolf character. when i heard the name for the first time i loved it directly. malia means calm and peaceful.

you don’t hear this name a lot and that’s one of the reasons why i love it.
sage means wisdom

i know a girl called zoey but also a girl called zoe/zoë. i think it sounds cute and also original. zoey means life.

i know this name from the song “hey there delilah” by plain white t's. i think it sound kinda earthy. i couldn't find the meaning of dalilah. delilah means vulnerable and amorous.

the daughter of my moms best friend is called luna and i always loved it. luna means moon.

known from the pretty little liars actor shay mitchell who played emily. i love how the name sounds. shay means a gift.

i love how it’s not very popular and written in a different way. i couldn't find the meaning of kaisley but i did find the meaning of kailey. kailey means slim.

the beautiful singer madison beer let me see the name for the first time. i love it a lot. its girly but also kinda strong. madison means son of maud or gift from god. i don’t know exactly what that means.

this name is so original and i love it so much, if i ever get a daughter this a option for her name. from both oakley means oak wood or clearing. i couldn’t find a good meaning of oaklyn.

the daughter of really good friends of me is called eve and i always loved her name so much. eve or evelyn is for sure on my list of names for if i get a daughter [ever]. evelyn means pleasant.

those were 10 of my favorite girl names. maybe i’ll make a boy version later!
thank you for reading till the end! hope you enjoyed it.

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