1. Born in Croatia, during the war. Complications during the birth delivery and consequence of that is deafness.

2. Because of me,my family left everything and moved to another city. They wanted for me a better life so I went to a polycninic every day.

3. That paid off and I made an enormous improvement. Nobody would know that I am deaf until I told them.

4. Finished primary school as the best student.

5. Also finished a high school as a beautician and I love it. Althought I can't to find a job in the field of beauty because of a big crisis in my country.

6. Dancing from a very early age. I love dance and I can't imagine my life without that.

7. My favourite food is Italian, but I love to eat almost everything lol.

8. Positive, happy and modest. I enjoy in little things.

9. I am active a lot in sports.Favourite is basketball, volleyball, cycling, badmiton.

10. Currently learning two languages.

And for the end, I want say to YOU. Everything is possible. If you feel like you are not enough good in something, shake off that thought and say yourself: I CAN AND I WANT.