01 - DARK
"Dark" is a show about a little town in Germany 2019 where kids got missing and other suddenly appear. It`s very complicated, but it all makes very much sense and is totally logic. At the same time it is just 100% thrilling and you die to know how everything is connected. I watched it in one night because I just wanted to know how it continues and it never got even a little bit boring.

dark and netflix image dark and netflix image
1 season (+)

If you are looking for a sitcom this show from the 90s will definitely make you laugh, cry and just love the 6 characters. "Friends" is about 6 friends in New York going through friendship, relationships and love. Most of you might know it already because it is very popular, but if you have not watched it already I ask you to just give it a try.

chandler bing, ducks, and funny image
10 seasons

I do not really know how to explain this show without spoiling you, so all I can say is that you will cry in every single episode. This is one of the most beautiful and emotional shows I have ever watched...

this is us image
2 seasons (+)

This is a show about surgeons trying to save lives while navigating their relationships and dealing with death and other things. I know some people think it is too dramatic, but I just love this show, it is one of my favorites. You just fall in love with the characters and you feel what they feel. Also you can see real surgerys which is very interesting.

grey's anatomy image grey's anatomy, meredith grey, and cristina yang image
14 seasons (+)

This show sees a dystopian world that is barren and ruled by christian fundamentalists under the name Gilead. Fertile women are forced to become Handmaidens to powerful men and have to bear their children.
It is indeed a very depressing show, but it is a must watch for everyone because it is about freedom and it is not only a dystopian, it already happens in some countries. It is based on the novel by Magaret Atwood.

gif, ovaries, and serie image
1 season (+)

A science-fiction series that portrays exaggerated problems we already have now. It shows a new and sketchy technological invention in every episode which could really be released in the future... After watching it I can say that I think more about my smartphone and its features and I learned that it is better to not use it all the time and just go out with friends instead. Every episode is a masterpiece.

Daniel Kaluuya, gif, and quote image
4 seasons (+)

When his girlfriend Claire breaks up with him, twenty-something Josh discovers that he is gay. While embracing his new sexual orientation, Josh attempts to help his mother battle depression and care for those around him. I think this show is way too underrated because it is based on a real life story from the main character itself. It deals with problems like discovering homosexuality and depression. It is funny and sad at the same time and you just fall in love with all the characters.

gif and please like me image
4 seasons

08 - GLEE
This was one of the first shows I watched and because I watched it at a very young age it changed the way I look at things and taught me things all people should know like kindness and acceptance of yourself and others. Even if you might not like the music, I think you should definitely give it a try...

cory monteith, glee, and cory image
6 seasons

Students of brilliant criminal defense attorney and professor Annalise Keating, find themselves embroiled in a twisted murder plot that promises to change the course of their careers and ultimately their lives. (source: TvTime) Can`t add anything more to it. It is just thrilling as hell.

gif, laurel castillo, and karla souza image
4 seasons (+)

This is a very short show about a teenage boy James and a teenage girl Alyssa who go on a road trip together. James wants to kill Alyssa which leads to some problems... i watched this show in 3 hours straight and I think it is weird, but in a beautiful unexpected way. It also has great music and beautiful scenery.

aesthetic, alternative, and indie image
1 season

Basically this is a show about a boy who becomes a werewolf and his best friends who also get intertwined in this supernatural life. It is a show about love, friendship, family and supernatural creatures. Definitely a must watch. And Dylan O`Brien is just Bae.

teen wolf, tyler posey, and dylan o'brien image
6 seasons

The funniest show i have ever watched. This show is just gold. All of the characters and actors are brilliant and sooo funny. If you want to know what this show is about just read the title because that says it all. I add that there are 5 friends, but that`s all I have to say. Just watch it. 9 seasons

how i met your mother, himym, and TED image

High school student Elena Gilbert finds herself drawn into the web of a mysterious stranger Stefan Salvatore when he arrives in her small town of Mystic Falls. Hot on Stefan’s heels, is his brother Damon, whose appearance sets into motion a supernatural love triangle with deadly consequences. (source: TvTime) Obviously that is just a superficial description and there happens a lot more. One of my favorites. Ian Somerhalder.

ah, fuck, and ian somerhalder image
8 seasons

That is it for today I hope you enjoyed reading this and found some new shows to watch. I left Supernatural and Stranger Things out because I think most of you have already watched it, but if you did not you obviously have to because it is the best.