When I was a young I wanted to be a teacher, my grandmother wanted me to be a doctor. I trained various sports, but I did not want to do sports when I grew up, only hip hop dance. Later, I wanted to be a singer and a banker. In the end, I wanted to be a youtuber (hobby) and to be a librarian. Now i have only one dream job: to be a librarian, working in a library.

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I learned to read more in a kindergarten, with 5-6 years. I learned to read myself, I was interested in it. In the first grade I started to take books from the library and since then I started to read frequently. I'm actively reading everything up to now, I'm 15 years old. I love reading, the most teen books, but I also read the fantasy by writer Guillaume Musso. I like to read romantic books like those that make me laugh. So my hobby is reading. Sometimes I love to write longer quotes.

However, dream to work at the library came in my eighth, last grade, when I was supposed to choose high school. Understandably, I wanted to go in a gymnasium, but I didn’t realize it. So, right now I’m first year at Economy School. I know I did not get into the school I want, but I know that I'm not the only one. (btw maybe in future i will write about that situation)
And so, my dream job is to work at the library. ( i said that 100 times lol)
I want to go in college for literature in my language.

- I said I love reading books, I think it's a great idea to be in the room with books. That's what makes me relax. In addition, I recommend books to other people and express my opinions, even if I compare them with others. I really would like to do it.
As you can see - my dream job is to work in a library and I work towards it.
- I read books, I study literature, I try to have the highest marks from this subject, I have a competition for a couple of days (wish me luck) and so I hope to be able to realize my dream. Because every day you need to do something that will take you to your goal, so I'm already working on something I'll be doing in 10 years.
In addition, I might also be leading some humanitarian action, because, I hope, that's what we all want. To help those who need help.

That’s it, write me your dream jobs. Maybe somebody with the same dream job? Let's talk about it!
ps: I want to thank you for supporting the previous two posts (especially last) and know that your comments and suggestions mean me!
ps2: sorry for bad englisch..
ps3: i love you guys: