I think we all need to have more respect for eachother
Just try

Just try not to stare at that girl in the train who is wearing other clothes than you are
Just try not to laugh when a boy in your class is shy when he needs to answer a question
Just try not to judge a young woman who is walking with a baby
Just try not to laugh when you see someone with a handicap

This may all sound obvious, but it's not
We do a lot of these things, maybe not on purpose
But just try

Just try to have respect for other people
You don't know what they've been through
You don't know their story

Just try
To have a smile on your face
And then look at other people
It doesn't matter how they look like
Just try


I'm writing this, because I've had a powerful experience a few months ago and I just remembered it.

I was walking to a supermarket and in the distance I saw a homeless old man leaning against the wall. He looked sad and lonely.

Everyone walked past him, but didn't even look at him.
I thought this was kinda sad, but I also didn't say anything.

When I came out of the supermarket, I felt so guilty.

So when I passed by, I said "Hi".
I didn't stop or anything, but I just said "Hi".

He looked at me, smiled and said: "Hi, thank you for saying hello".

I smiled at him and walked to the bus station.

While I was sitting in the bus, I felt happy.
It was such a little thing, but it can make someones day better.

So, just have respect for people.
And smile a little bit more.

This isn't made up, it really happened

(I'm sorry if my English is bad)