L ~ Light Blue

girl, summer, and beach image aesthetic, white, and converse image fashion, bra, and black image girl, hair, and blue image
innocent sweet color cool and calm

A ~ Amber

beach, relax, and style image flowers, bath, and water image city, travel, and photography image Image removed
a color that will make you happy

U ~ Ultra Violet

yellow, neon, and light image purple, theme, and lightning image purple, fashion, and jacket image hair, grunge, and purple image
purple like lightning

R ~ Rose Gold

fashion, dress, and pink image girly things, gold, and makeup image iphone, pink, and rose gold image fashion, jewelry, and girly image
pretty girly pink

E ~ Electric Red

neon and red image aesthetic, electric, and neon image alternative, cinema, and cool image fun, sunset, and grunge image
a color that screams

N ~ Navy Blue

blue, light, and theme image aesthetic, city, and pack image planet, earth, and blue image girl, hair, and blonde image
the night skye