helloooo, i dont know how to add pictures so it might look kinda boring but you gotta check these artists out. Thank me later.

1. Kali Uchis
she's so good, her voice is very soothing idk I think she is amazing

2. Jorja Smith
HER VOCALS. this woman is so underrated (duhu thats what this is all about) but so good and gorgeous

3. Kehlani
I think everybody knows her or has heard of her but most people never have actually taken their time to listen to her and she is truly amazing. I recommend to listen to this one. fav part is on 2:40-2.50 IM JAMMING

4. SZA
THIS WOMEN, if you dont know her look her up right now. I'm only doing you a favor she is the best

5. Daniel Ceasar
I just love him, he is so talented

6. Khalid
he's so down to earth and super talented, Not that underrated anymore but if you dont know him he is really good