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Most of the time the people who are being considered ''the strong'' ones, are the ones who go over the edge. People who always have everything right. People who are admired by others because they can continue despite everything that might be going on at home or at work.

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The downside is that moving on, being strong, happens at the expense of themselves. They take care of the other and for everything at work with all their heart, but forget to take care of themselves. Ignore the signs on the wall and/or feel and recognize the signals their bodies give them.

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This with all its consequences...

But what if receiving these signals is your greatest strength. That communication with your body enables you to lead your life completely the way you want it to be.

Because you get accurate information.

Because you, in your eyes, may be weak.

Because it is now a possibility to stop what you do.

Because it is now a possibility to do it differently than you always did.

Because you have now received the information about how you want it.

And especially because it does not matter anymore if you CAN. Because of course, you can do it. The point now is that you do not want it anymore. And exactly this gives you freedom. The freedom to choose. The freedom of choice. Because be honest, have you ever given yourself a choice? Or was being the strongest, not a real choice. Was it just how it was? UP TO NOW!

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So make YOUR CHOICE now to have a choice. Learn to listen to what your body has to tell you. Because EVERYTHING is stored in your body: what you want, what you do not want, what makes you happy, how, what, where, when, etc etc etc.

Make the choice for you now. To discover what it is, what you actually want. Make the choice to get a choice again and really listen. And make contact with the possibilities that are there for you.

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