Welcome to my new article!
I am going to write this type of article every week on Monday.
It's basically going to be just tracking of what I wore previous week.
I decided to write this because I don't have a huge closet with numerous types of clothing and it's hard for me to choose outfit.
Those outfits may seem a bit boring, but where I live it's around -15°C, so I want to be warm.

  • monday
black, blonde, and fashion image disney, disneyland, and fashion image fashion, outfit, and black image b&w, happy, and joy image
At Monday I wore simple black jeans with grey jumper. I wasn't wearing too much makeup and I finished it with messy bun.
  • tuesday
fashion, girl, and style image ass, blue, and fashion image grey hat, handmade, and winter accessories image fashion, outfit, and black image
At Tuesday I chellanged myself to look at least a little bit cute, so I straightened my hair, wore my favourite jeans and dark grey oversized sweather.
  • wednesday
jeans, fashion, and grunge image outfit, fashion, and black image maroon boots and grey cardigan outfit image etsy, vintage denim, and kids backpack image
Wednesday was in denim spirit. I wore skinny blue jeans, black striped t-shirt, grey cardigan and denim backpack.
  • thursday
fashion, jeans, and style image black, fashion, and style image timberland, shoes, and boots image girl, fashion, and hair image
At Thursday I wore blue jeans, again yeah, black jumper and my favourite beige winter boots. And I put my hair in a ponytail, because we had a P.E. that day.
  • friday
fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and black image bag, black, and backpack image
At Friday I wore all black outfit with button down grey cardigan.

Weekend is not included, because I am working those days and I am wearing work clothes.

Sorry for some mistakes that I could made. I am not from English speaking country.

Thanks for reading!