I don't remember who I got inspired to do this by but I do remember that I saw this as an amazing idea to get even more motivated to continue my journey to becoming my dream self.

My overall style

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I am in love with black clothing, I feel as if it always fits me. I am currently without a job so when I finally get one All of my extra money will go into black clothing.

Pastel tops

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I feel like the top is the most if not one of the most important parts of an outfit. I always adored pastel tops with darker bottoms since I feel it really makes me stand out.


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grungy outfits are a small guilty pleasure of mine. it all came from my love for black clothing


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accessories are soooo important if you're trying to look well put together. sunglasses and rings are so very fashionable to me and I will never ignore them


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shoes are so very dependable on the rest of the outfit. I always flow freely with what shoes I am choosing as long as they are aesthetically pleasing to the rest of the outfit


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things i loveeeee