This is part 2 from my holy trinity series. The main vocals from EXO.

Disclaimer!!! I hope no one is going to be butthurted about this series. I'm doing these just for fun. I often write them down who's the oldest from the youngest. No one is less worthy if a certain person is the last one. I just hope that you can enjoy them as I do.

1. Baekhyun

  • Main vocal, actor
exo, baekhyun, and monster image couple, love, and boy image road, grunge, and sky image exo, baekhyun, and byun baekhyun image
exo and baekhyun image exo and baekhyun image

2. Chen

  • Main vocal
Chen, exo, and kpop image Image by vanessa<|~ beige, aesthetic, and brown image Chen, do, and exo image
Chen, exo, and musical image actor, Chen, and exo image

3. D.O.

  • Main vocal, actor
exo, kyungsoo, and d.o image gif, smoke, and blue image purple, grunge, and aesthetic image exo, gif, and kyungsoo image
actor, exo, and korean movie image actor, Korean Drama, and i remember you image

The next holy trinity are going to be the english speaking members from The Rose; Woosung (Sam), Dojoon (Leo), Hajoon (Dylan) / and the english speaking members from Blackpink; Jennie, Rose, Lisa

Part 1

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