Anxiety, depression, negativity- all of them are feelings that we all have felt at one point in our lives. They have made us who we are and made us realise important things. They made us lose people and gain our thoughts. Sometimes you feel like everything you do is like a thorn in their eyes. Every step you take is negative, each intention is bad. They think that you can't do certain stuff because you don't have the qualities. They find nothing suiting you in general. The trust and belief they had in you suddenly disappeared when you grew up. 'You talk too much' 'there will be consequences' 'you are bossing around' 'be nice to your siblings'. Sometimes you know they love other peoples children more than they do their own. Then you think that you are being delusional but deep down you know its true. They don't believe in you, just let you on your own. Not asking about school, about friends- nothing. Do you even have friends? Just, nothing. Even when you had better education than the ones they love so much. Even when you know you're better than the people they love so much. You are the outcast, fitting nowhere. You see them showing affection to their other children but ignore you, no matter how many times you have mentioned it.

I didn't write this all to tell you. I wrote it all for you to take it upside down. I know how it is to feel worthless and depressed. How all of it caused you anxiety that you can't even walk out of the house. No one deserves to go through that. And you know, the only one who could help you is yourself, with the help of our Lord.

You have it in you to let people get to you or not. The ability of shutting out people and words is what we have in us, so we should use it. Prove them wrong. That is my number one priority; proving them wrong. Show them that you can. Show them that you are. Let them see how talented you are and what kind of good person you have become, without their help. No one cares, so you are the one who needs to help yourself. Only befriend your Lord, knowing that people will leave you eventually. You are worth much more than you think you are. If you didn't, Allah wouldn't have spent His time creating you. Know that the only one that matters is Allah. It matters that He loves you, that He cares for you. He is the one who listens to you even in the times you don't have the energy to talk. He was there for you when everybody else ignored you. You came for a reason, for a purpose. You need to find that purpose first before you let anyone in. You are not a mistake or just a random coincidence. You have your place in this world too, that is, if you find it. Ignore what they're thinking and saying. Focus on yourself. Have fun. Study hard. Learn about the Earth and Universe. Look into the Qur'an. Find Allah. You have the ability to choose what can hurt you and what not. Choose wisely. Let them in their own thoughts. Don't focus on people who arent worth your sadness. Don't let people affect you who won't care for you as much as you do about them. Rather build your relationship with Allah and depend on Him. Keep quiet, do your thing and show everyone what you're capable of. In the end, it will only be you and Allah.

You matter and you are loved. By the One who matters the most.