In this article I wil show the series that I have watched. Most of them are on Netflix. I hope you will like it & have fun reading.

1. Gossip girl ♥

gossip girl, chuck bass, and love image Image removed

2. Teen wolf ♥

teen wolf, tyler posey, and holland roden image teen wolf, scott mccall, and tyler posey image

3. Friends ♥

friends, Jennifer Aniston, and Lisa Kudrow image friends, 90s, and monica geller image

4. How I met your mother ♥

himym, how i met your mother, and Barney Stinson image himym, telefilm, and series image

5. Life unexpected ♥

bug, lux, and life unexpected image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

6. Modern family ♥

naeem khan, sarah hyland, and modern family image Image removed

7. The vampire diaries ♥

Nina Dobrev, oscar, and actress image delena, elena gilbert, and damon salvatore image

8. Keeping up with the kardashians ♥

fashion, kardashians, and top 2018 fashion tips image kendall jenner, model, and Kendall image

9. Pretty little liars ♥

pll and pretty little liars image ashley benson, pll, and pretty little liars image

10. Nashville ♥

Image by Nikki nashville, lennon & maisy, and tv show image

11. Riverdale

riverdale, cole sprouse, and betty cooper image riverdale, lili reinhart, and camila mendes image

I have watched some series and I really liked them all.
➳ My top 3 is:
- Gossip girl
- Teen wolf
- How I met your mother