1 - Music. I think music is one of the only things along with food that will put me in a good mood, regardless of the situation. Sometimes, when i'm with people they'll piss me off or drain my energy, and in those moments it just takes me a few minutes alone listening to music in silence to recover and continue. For some people it may look rude, and i understand it because, no one likes being ignored in presence of another person. But i think they should also try to understand people like me, as in some cases i'm just trying to do my best not to be a boor or get unpleasant.

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2 - Food. As i metioned previously, it is one of the few things that will change my mood drastically. It may be also influenced by the fact that i have low blood pressure so sometimes, when i go out with friends or family i get silent and moody, and the only effective way to take me back to normal is eating lol.

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3 - Spending time with good friends. I usually don't like going out too much but when i do, and with the right people, i really enjoy it, even if it's just for drinking a tea, studying together, watching a movie or having an afternoon snack. Recently i started going to clubs, which is extremely strange in me as i usually don't enjoy dancing, but these days i've felt more alive than ever so i may add it to my list soon.

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4 - A good nap. Coming home after a hard day, having lunch, pulling down the shutters and taking a short nap with my fur blanket. Those are the best, i swear. It's not always effective, as i don't fall asleep easily, but when i'm really tired, phisically or mentally, it feels like the best thing ever.

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5 - A hot shower/bath in a cold day. I usually take a short time in the shower, but i try to enjoy it as much a possible in those days when you feel tired and cold after a hard day. Sometimes, when i go back to my hometown i prepare a bath, with good music, and enjoy some time alone with my thoughts. Actually, i can't wait till the end of march so i can go back and try my new bath bombs.

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While i was writing this i realised there are more things that make me happy than i thought, i even wanted to write more hahaha but i'll leave it here for today.

Thank you for reading!