I know it's only March... but guys, the sun is out again (and I especially speak to those of us who have suffered under immense sun-deprivation for the last months). So hooray!! We can already get into that nice, sweet and warm summer feeling. How? Here are some ideas...

Buy summer clothes

Very original, I know, but isn't that one of the best things about summer? We can buy these great tops and shorts and dresses and enjoy the anticipation for the days we're going to wear them and look ravishing. My go to color for this summer will be white. White converse, white sunglasses, white summer dresses. How about you?

converse, car, and shoes image clothes, relax, and dress image
Treat yourself to some pretty new things.

Make a summer playlist

Isn't it wonderful, when you sit around a campfire on a warm evening in august, a bottle of beer in your hand and your friends next to you? What could make such an evening even better? Good tunes. So why don't you start putting together a nice playlist to get into that summer groove. Some acoustic guitar, some relaxed beats and ready it is. I recommend "One" by U2, "There will be time" by Mumford & Sons & Baaba Maal and "If I was your woman/Walk on by" by Alicia Keys.

love, couple, and fire image friends, best friends, and friendship image
This summer will be good - and even better with the right music.

Change your hair

I know, big step. But our hair tends to be darker when the sun has no way of reaching and bleaching it. That can be a bit depressing. So why don't you go and highlight it a little? Maybe cut it a few inches or go get a real cool neck undercut design - with long hair it is only visible when you put your hair up in a bun. Maybe it'll get you into a nice upbeat mood.

hair and undercut image hair image
Ready for sunny days.

Make a tbr list

A "to be read list" is very practical when you want to find books to read in the summer. A book can become even better when you save it for your vacation or your tanning time in the garden. So search the net and your local book stores for the hottest summer reads. New or old, there are so many books that will make your summer unforgettable. One of my recommendations is "Girl out of water" about a surfer girl spending her summer away from the ocean and learning how to skate. Or maybe "First comes love" by Katie Kacvsinky, a sunny and beautiful love story. One of all time favorites is "Amy & Roger's Epic detour" by Morgan Matson - it is filled with playlists and travel reports and bills and of course a great story.

book, map, and morgan matson image coffee, grunge, and dark image
The summer just feels more real when you read about it.

Maybe these ideas get your summer groove on like mine. Take care and enjoy the sunny days to come. Thanks for reading. :-)