Hello darling! This is carla from the future. I am not sure how to write this or the direction this will take but let’s try.
As you can see, your talent to write letters hasn’t improved and you never actually learn how to properly do it. Maybe it will take more years aha

I have a few thing to tell you. Yes, you ended up married to a Canadian guy. I guess our 17-year-old ass was right. You met and fell in love almost instantly. He has brown hair and that angelic and beautiful look with brown eyes. He is everything and more of what you dreamed of. He’s na actual prince charming and treats me very well. Of course, we argue sometimes because he does tends to be stubborn but I love him so there’s nothing I can’t deal with. His family is the most caring group of people ever. They make me feel at home. They care for me so deeply. I love them a lot. Moving on to the subject of the letter, since you are married to him you ended up moving to Canada. We met the part of the family from here and we do get to spend a lot of time with our dearest auntie.

Talking about work you are starting to finally get into the path career that you always wanted. You are working on a library in Toronto and everyone is so lovely. You are still writing and the friends you made are the loveliest group of people. You are still shy but not as much. You feel more confident about things, about your body. Of course, you are still writing in your free time because of i tis just part of who you are. You are living in an apartment but you are moving into na actual house in a few time. Your parents come visit a few times but usually, you are the one that goes there because it is easier. You are happy. Your life is stable. You have love and work. Everything you dreamed of.
Keep doing great and don’t be scared to try new things.

- Love, Carla

(just a little disclaimer, this idea is not mine. it's @summergal8 's)