Hello everyone.

Thank you so much for your support on my first entry! I'm very grateful for each and every one of you.
I'm going on with this challenge created by @themermaidwriter

Day 2 - Make a list of five things that make you happy

1. Sleeping

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It may sound strange to many of you, but this is where I can become completely detached from reality and wander around in my dreams. I don't want to brag much about it, but life gets overwhelming sometimes, and this may be the only way I can feel safe and calm.

2. Looking at the sky

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It's one of the best feelings ever. Even if you just take a quick glance, you might feel a bit better. I like watching the clouds, the stars, the moon, or simply admiring the colors. But the best time is when it's night, dawn or dusk.

3. Playing video games

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I like playing classic, action, adventure, indie and psychological horror games. It's a hobby I've had since I was a kid.

4. Listening to music

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Music is one of the greatest things ever. I love listening to old songs for nostalgia, to current songs, and embracing that feeling of awe when I find a new song that I enjoy listening to.
My favorite bands/artists are: Twenty One Pilots, Panic at the disco, Alt-J, Arctic Monkeys, The Neighbourhood, Marina and the diamonds, Tame Impala, The XX, Foster The People, Lana Del Rey etc.
I like indie, alternative, pop, rock, classical, lo-fi music the most. But I also listen to anything, really.

5. Playing the ukulele

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I've bought this instrument in October 2017 and I absolutely love playing it. At first, I was very confused and a bit scared that I wouldn't manage to understand how to play it. But I browsed for apps, youtube videos, tutorials online on how to properly play it and practice on it. And I can't say that I'm an expert on this, but there are some songs that sound decent enough when I play it. It relaxes me, and I like learning to play new songs.
Also, for a month or two, my fingers used to hurt/become numb because of holding the chords haha

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Those are five things that make me happy. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I'll see you again tomorrow.
Have an amazing day!

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