Hey Guys , I see alot of people doing that kind of articels so i just wanted to try ♥ hope you enjoy !!

1 - P : Paris , France

eiffel tower, lights, and paris france image eiffel tower and paris france image paris, city, and travel image arc de triomphe, paname, and paris image

2 - R : Rome , Itay

rome, italy, and fountain image capital, Dream, and europe image pink and travel image italia, italy, and roma image

3 - I : Ibiza , Spain

ibiza, scene, and photo image house, luxury, and home image Bleu, ibiza, and plage image dreaming, holiday, and ibiza image

4 - M : Malibu , USA

malibu, girl, and summer image california, malibu, and palm trees image travel, beach, and city image adventure, aesthetic, and malibu image
Thanks For Reading ♥