Hi babezzz <3

OMGGGG!!!! Thank you sooooo much for the hearts on my last article :D I'm really happy you guys liked it! SO this means I'm going to make an article about ''how to make a cute summary''. I also gonna make a study tips article for you guys, follow me so you don't miss an article!

Okay Let's get started with the list of my names in cities.

!!!! I don' t know who started this challenge, but I just tought it would be fun if I did it tooo !!!

I already visit some of these cities, but I still love them <3

L, Los Angeles

beautiful places, city, and Las Vegas image Las Vegas image aesthetic, sky, and beauty image Las Vegas, pretty, and sunset image

A, Amsterdam

light, city, and amsterdam image amsterdam, travel, and city image amsterdam, fashion, and ootd image amsterdam, city, and building image

U, Ubatuba

beach, picture, and praia image beach, brazil, and peace image praia, sp, and ubatuba image amo, brazil, and carro image

R, Rome

backpack, girl, and travel image building, buildings, and vacation image amazing, landscape, and place image colosseum, italy, and vatican image

A, Antwerpen

belgium and antwerpen image antwerp, city, and fair image article, city, and view image antwerp, beauty, and belgium image

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in my next article, byeee! <3