When you left me, every part of me was shattered. I had lost myself. Who was I? Did I even know myself, to begin with? I wanted you back. You promised that you would never leave me because you loved me too much. Did you love me at all? Was it my fault? We stacked blocks of happiness, all for you to talk to someone else and destroy the tower we created.

I try to make myself believe that it was not my fault that you cheated, but everything always comes back to me. Had I been too clingy? Too distant? What was so wrong with me that you had to go to another person to feel happy again? Did I not provide you the happiness that you needed?

A million questions go through my mind daily after what happened. That was several months ago. I ask myself, "Why do I still wonder about this?" Then, I look at your resting face lying in bed next to me. I took you back. I never stopped loving you, even though you hurt me more than I have ever been hurt. Was I wrong for this? My friends say I am. Love is such a powerful feeling, so why would I let that power go?

You hurt me, but I love you.