Bobby runs out of school even though the day was not over yet. Behind her came Nat (one of the bad girls at school) with the bag of brunette in hand. Abruptly opens the double glass door that allows entrance to the building, and stops at it with a malicious smile.
Bobby stops exhausted several meters beyond. She turns agitated even though she runs a few feet, and visualizes the blonde with his stuff in his right hand. For a moment she thinks she should go for them, but then she recants, she prefers to continue with dignity. Well, at least a little bit.
Nat holds the bag with both hands, with the left hand slowly opening the zipper, as if to torture the brown-hair girl. The smile on his face didn't disappear.
When it was all open she glanced at the content. Books and notebooks, that's all. Rotate the black color bag changing the direction. Now she's holding it from the bottom, and with several short moves from top to bottom, she starts spreading all the content on the school's main staircase. When the bag was empty, she took a few steps forward, down a few steps until she stood on Bobby's notebooks. Without taking his eyes off this, she decides to move his feet as if she were dancing twist, destroying the leaves as would a food processor.
Bobby, who continued to stand expectant of what the macabre blonde did, to force so that their tears did not come out and show their weakness.
Nat throws the bag to one side, cleans his hands on his skirt perfectly ironed and with a movement of hair is set to enter the building through the large glass doors, not without before telling Bobby not to return.