Okie! I'm going to be answering 100 questions!

1. what's your name? Rosie
2. do you want any tattoos? Yesss I want a few smallish ones
3. how many piercings do you have? I have 2 on each ear (4)
4. do you want any more piercings? Yah totally!
5. cakes or cookies? Cookies
6. do you like donuts? Nope :)
7. chocolate or sweets? Depends on my mood
8. favourite Netflix show? Riverdaleeee ! or PLL
9. comedy or horror? Comedy
10. chocolate or vanilla icecream? Chocolate
11. do you wear glasses? No
12. what colour is your hair? Ginger
13. what colour are your eyes? Hazel/Brown
14. coffee? Mm nah
15. tea? Sometimes
16. kill 10 strangers but save one family member or kill one family member and save 10 strangers? 1st one :)
17. always have a cold or cough? Ooo hard butttt I choose cough
18. sing or dance? Neither
19. single, taken or complicated? Single :(
20. crushing on anyone? Yah but I wish I wasn't tbh
21. love preference? Boys
22. tall, average or small? Small
23. ice cream or ice lollies? Depends
24. nickname? Up to you :)
25. last kiss? Don't worry ;)
26. fav colour? Black
27. mood rn? Tired of everyone
28. birthday? April 7th
29. star sign? Aries
30. time when you wrote this question? 5:24pm
31. what state/country do you live in? England :P
32. stuffed animals or too old? Ywesss I love stuffed animals lmao
33. what time do you wake up for work/school? 6:25am for school :(
34. good memory? Yh I guess
35. geography or history? Geography
36. French or Spanish? Neither ;)
37. any siblings? One older bro & sis
38. ever wanted to switch schools? Everyday !!
39. wishbone or WHI? Taking a break from wb so WHI tbh
40. missing anyone? 24/7 !
41. fav song? Look at last article ;)
42. " I need to know if you're feeling, feeling the same ": Is it too late.. :)
43. science or maths? Maths
44. P.E or Drama? P.E
45. what day is it? Monday :(
46. ever dyed your hair? Nope.. all natural
47. ever wanted to? Nahh
48. got any tattoos? Nope but one day :)
49. tired? Very
50. water or fizzy drinks (soda)? Fizzehhh