Day 2| Make a List of Five Things That Make You Happy

1. My Three Dogs

Image by Chaos Cass Image by Chaos Cass Image by Chaos Cass heart, love, and black image
Yes those pictures are really my dogs. My fur babies are my pride and joy and the absolute best thing to come home to.

2. Sunsets/Sunrises

girl, sky, and sunset image city, nature, and places image
There's something magical about watching the sky turn shades of every color and create a beautiful masterpiece. I think if the sky always looked like the sun was setting or rising I'd be in paradise.

3. Snow

winter, snow, and christmas image cat, animal, and snow image
Ahhhhh I love snow! I'm from Indiana, and since I've moved to Florida I've missed snow so much. I went back during winter for about a week and it was stunning. Even when the snow was impossible to drive in, it's just so pretty.

4. Tattoos

tattoo, flowers, and feminism image art, drawing, and draw image
I have one tattoo and I'm looking forward to getting plenty more! I love the lifelong devotion to art and the message that's essential in having a tattoo. Plus they're beautiful!

5. New York City

Image removed new york, nyc, and times square image
This is truly the city of dreams. I only had two places to visit on my bucket list and this was one of them. I went here last summer and it felt like a dream the entire time! <3 If you're ever considering visiting this wonderful place, then go for it.

Thank you so much for reading this and please follow my collection for this challenge! I hope you'll stick around to see what you can discover about me in these 30 days. Along with my collection for this challenge, I linked below the original challenge by The Mermaid Writer in case you want to try!