I am someone who always listens to music no matter what I'm doing and where I am. And, I also am someone who loves making playlist for anything. Today, as we are now Monday, I wanted to have some music to motivate me and to help me start my week in a good moor. So I went on my spotify and listened to a lot of musics and I created my own. It's not a long one, and I will surely add other songs each week, but for now, here are the music I listen to to get my week started.

"Leaving here. Exhale, the feeling's on me. Far away. Whatever's got you burning. I don't got a place, I got a car. We can go anywhere. Don't really matter to me"
XL (Accoustic) - Fly By Midnigh
"do you feel the same when I'm away from you? Do you know the line that I'd walk for you? We could turn around and we could give it up. But we'll take what comes"
Walking The Wire - The Fray
"Dear world, I'm learning to wait for change. Dear world, your beauty is born from pain. You're looking for the magic to rise above the tragic. I am too. Dear world, I'm writing this song for you"
Dear World - Echosmith
"Maybe it's a mistake if we let the clock break. Everything in my mind, everything in my mind is temming me. That it's a mistake and it end in heartbreak"
Turn Back Time - Daniel Schulz
"Let's talk about family. Let's talk about the ties and lie and the love that we had in this family. Let's talk about honesty. You know nothing about honesty. I'll let go of your hands and our plans. And the chances that we had with this family"
Strongest - Ina Wroldsen
"If my heart had a voice. It's cut through the chaos, cut through the noise. If my heart had a choice. It's tell you the stories I'd always avoid. I'd be honest to you, honest to God. If my heart had a voice"
Honest - Mali Koa

So here is my little playlist to start my week. I hope you discovered some new songs and I think I will add the song I added in the playlist in a new article on Monday if you want it.

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