Fun fact number 1 : you can't ! Some people are naturally more energised and productive in the morning, but no one actually likes waking up early. However, here are a few tips to kinda wanna get out of bed.

1) Stop following gurus paths. Those people you see in Instagram are hardly ever the reality, as you may already know, and even if they are sometimes inspiring, if you tend to act like them, you'll quickly realise that their routines are unattainable (or fake).

2) Choose habits that you actually love. Meditation, yoga, working out, reading... these are great things to do in the morning, but they won't make you wanna get out of bed (especially if it's not what you truly want to do). Focus on giving time to the hobbies you don't have time on a daily basis. You can also spend time working on your goals (building a business, ...).

3) Never forget to have breakfast. Yeah, I know, your parents have always given you this piece of advice. But that's serious. You may not expect having a productive day without a healthy and full breakfast.

4) Prioritize. First, the essentials (eating, having a shower,...), then extra tasks like laundry or cleaning, and finally things that make you happy. Then you'll know the time you need to wake up.

5) According to the time you wake up, figure out how much time you need to sleep, and choose a suitable sleep schedule.

6) Always keep some time for unforeseens (I suggest 15-20 min).

7) Even if you don't do "productive things" (working out or reading), I advise you having a list of 2 or 3 things to do in the morning that you won't have to do later - keep it simple !

8) Choose your outfit the day before, and choose something that you can not wait to wear ! You can also pack your stuff in your bag to make time for more important things.

9) Never forget that building the perfect routine takes time and adjustements. You'll have to try several activities and maybe different time frames. Keep on trying :-)

If you have any suggestions (or if you see mistakes in English, I'm not a native speaker ^^, tell me !)
Have a good evening !