Hi everyone, and welcome!
Today I share with you my everyday make up routine for college. For me it’s not a nessecity to do an extra glam look or anything like that.
During the week, I just want a simple look who take no time and something fresh. Something to look more…alive or awake (lol)

beauty Superthumb

I never skip this step, take care of your skin is in general important but when you where usually make up it’s more important! Like I said in my last post in the morning I just clean my face, tone and moisturize my face and put some oil for my acne scars.
That’s all, as you can see it’s not a big deal.

In general, I use a CC cream my favorite from It cosmetics she gives me this fresh look and the illusion of a good skin without the coverage of a foundation.

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For me the eyebrows is the MASTERPIECE of my look, I love do my brows. I think at the moment or your brows are on fleek your look is good.
I want something look natural and just filled I take my brow pencil. Personally, I use the Brow wiz from Anastasia Beverly Hills but I also use a good dupe of the ABH pencil the NYX micro pencil.
But if you think your brows don’t need to be fill You can just brushed them up and put som eyebrows gel.

makeup girl

I just use my eyelash curler and put my mascara. For now I use the Better Than Sex from Too faced. But if you want a drugstore mascara I love the Rocket from Maybelline.

makeup girl

If think the bronzer complete the look. Some bronzer just little bit.

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Personally, I don’t really like wearing blush so it’s optional. Blush is not my thing.

8. LIP
This is optional too because sometimes I’m not in the mood for wear lipsticks. But my favorite EVER is Velvet Teddy from Mac or Abu Dhabi from NYX both are nude and so great on the lips.

lipstick Superthumb

To finish the look, you just need to set your face and voila.

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So, that’s my makeup routine hope you like it! You can follow me and show me some love.
See you soon,
All the love,
Celia xx