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If you're looking for some fun and cute outfit ideas for this weekend, then keep on reading!

Friday night

Friyay ♡
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If you're gonna spend your Friday night out with your friends or with your bae, then try going for an elegant black over the shoulder, long sleeve dress. Pair your gorgeous black dress with some chic clear ankle strap black stilettos. Accessorise your outfit with a black over the shoulder bag and put on some beautiful statement earrings.


Slay & Chill ♡
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Relax and chill in some black lace up slim fitting pants and pair it with a trendy black croptop. Put on some comfy cute faux fur slides, and accesorise your outfit with some cool black heart-framed glasses.

What i love about this outfit is that its nice and simple - but it looks effortlessly cool as well. An outfit is nice to wear when you're just lounging around at home or taking some cute mirror selfies in your bedroom for instagram.


Sunday funday ♡
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Look effortlessly cute in a white spaghetti strap bodycon dress and add a light denim jack to your outfit to add a nice cool casual touch to your look. Pair your outfit with comfy all-white sneakers and accesorise your outfit with white framed glasses to go with the white theme of your outfit. Add some chunky cute bracelets to add some gorgeous statement details to your look.

An outfit like this is perfect when you're going shopping with your friends or just going to get some lunch with your bestie.

Thanks for reading, loves! i hope you enjoyed this lookbook, and i hope it has inspired you to try out some new outfit ideas for the weekend! that's all for today, see you next time! :)

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