A little disclaimer at the beginning: I do well in school. I have good grades (even though good is kind of subjective) and I don’t have to study much. I only had one B (and besides that all As) last year, which I think is pretty good, for the little amount I study. So I don’t spend that much time studying. I always do my homework but not too excessively. But I still detest school. Why?

It takes away so much of my time. I love so many things. I love writing, and I write on my novel or edit it every day. I also love reading a lot and try to read every free minute. I am in love with music and I love playing the flute, piano and the trumpet. All of which, I practice every day. I play in two different orchestras and also just signed up for the third one. I am learning two new languages this year (French and Spanish) and I also love journaling a lot. I enjoy watching movies so much and I also love skiing. Both watching it on TV and also skiing myself. And on top of that, I love adventures and traveling. And I do all of that next to being in school, which means I have to squeeze everything in. I can only play all my instruments for twenty minutes per day, because I have other work to do. I can only read for a limited amount of time, because I have other stuff to do. And of course I could trop some hobbies, but I love it, so why would I trop it?

And I would have enough time if school wasn’t a thing. Now you’re probably laughing and saying “yeah, obviously”, but that is how I feel. Everybody always tells us to do what we love, and I truly do that, but also I can’t. And you’ll also be thinking that I will never have only time to do what I love, but I would have to interrupt you there. My biggest dream is to be an author. Or at least to publish books. Therefore I would spend almost all of my time only loving what I do.

Obviously that’s only a dream at the moment and happens to the least of us, but I will continue to work hard for my goals. And I also have to say: Of course school is necessary. I do recognize it’s important and I also realise that I wouldn’t be anything without school. But I do think that writing on my novel or practicing the trumpet is more useful for me than knowing how equation systems work.

Thank you so much for reading, it’s an honour! This is my first, and only article for now, but I really had to get my view out there and I hope to get some messages back!