For my first article post I thought about doing a playlist for this month or the places I would love to visit, but after a sit down and a bowl of kiwi fruit I decided I needed (or wanted) to write something important. "NO".

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I'm almost 100% sure everyone has heard that expression before, but as I have entered my first real relationship *gasp* I have noticed since that very few people understand it.

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Let me explain myself

"No" doesn't necessarily have to be said . But in a way in which it is shown or stated, it should be listened to and not have to be repeated.

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It's really that simple.

This article is written for all genders. All ages. All sexes. All races. EVERYONE. Because how are we meant to change the world when only a percentage of people are on board?

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Fear to say no, is a real thing. I have been there, my mother has been there, my grandma has been there, many of my friends have found themselves in situations they don't want to be in because they have been scared or embarrassed to say "no". And it's all well me sat here at my laptop typing away, listening to my Hannah Montana playlist telling people to no longer be afraid to say no, because I can guarantee I will be scared to say it next time.

But I will say it.
With my fingers shaking and my eyes looking down, I will say it.


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This is YOUR body and if you don't want to be touched YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO STOP IT HAPPENING. No matter who it is, no matter what you think you have to do and what you think might happen if you don't say it. YOU CAN SAY NO.

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Many many people also seem to have some confusion in what "no" means.

It does NOT mean:
"Persuade me"
"Carry on"
"I don't really mean it"
"I'm playing hard to get"

As soon as the word "no" or "stop" or even the shake of a head has been shown that means STOP STRAIGHT AWAY.
If you're struggling to grasp the idea or are not sure what is happening, I recommend watching this:

So friends, people of the world, never be afraid to say no, and if someone doesn't listen to you, kick them in the face- you have my permission 😉

Stay safe,

xoxo - Chloe