I was inprired by this account:

I do have a boyfriend who does not match this profile perfectly, but I love him very much. Enjoy!

Adventurist or reliable?
Both, i need adventure, but I also freak out a little when things don't go the way i had them planned.

Dad material or a career-chaser?
career-chaser, I am not sure if i want kids, but making career is important to me.

Dog or cat person?

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Rich in money or rich in mind and soul?
Rich in mind and soul, nothing is as boring as a person without depth.

Religious or non-religious?
Non-religious, for me there is no god, i would find it hard to live with someone who does believe in a god.

European, Asian, American, Afro-American, Aussie, Arab or African looking?
I tend to like european looking boys.

Smiling with his mouth or eyes?
Eyes!!! definetly

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Full or thin lips?
I have no prefrence.

Sarcastic and witty or romantic and sensitive?
Romantic and sensitive, but from time to time sarcastic.

Beard or no beard?
Shaved or a trimmed beard, but not a full beard.

Funny or serious?
Funny most of the time, everyone needs serious conversations

Tall or shortie?
I am pretty tall, he does not have to be taller than me because that would be hard to find.

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Strong jaw or weak jaw?
Strong jaw yes please!

Blue, green, hazel or brown eyes?
I like eyes in general, but i preder hazel or green.

Smart or hard-working?
Hard-working is important, but a bit of brains is a must have! I need to have a good level of conversation.

Boy in soul or manly and serious?
Manly and serious, i am serious to, but not old so we should be still be having fun.

Short, medium or long hair?
Short or medium hair.

What colour should his hair be?
I would prefer a natural colour over green or blue.

Any freckles?
Not a must, but i found it cute.

Long fingers or wide palms?
I have no prefrence

Perfect smile or a little bit crooked teeth?
Perfect smile :)

Muscular or normal looking?
I have no prefrence, but I don't like too musculair, in a 'i go to the gym everyday' look.

Wide shoulders or six pack?
Wide shoulders are t for hugging!

Loves to dance or to cook?
loves to cook! I can not really dance but i love food.

Loves playing video-games or outdoor sports?
Outdoor sports are great!

Wears watch or ring?
Watches are pretty, a weddingring wouldn't be ugly either

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Loves taking you out to have dinner in some restaurant or taking you for a walk?
I like both, but walking around and watching houses or nature is just perfect!

Sweet tooth or crazy about salty food?
Both, food in general is good.

Tattoos or no-tattoos?
No tattoos or a couple little ones