-1...2...3... Yuri, so I want just remind you that after a moment of readiness you will be held about six minutes before the flight, so don't worry. ...
- I understand, I am quite calm!
- there are in laying tubes- lunch, dinner and Breakfast.
- Clearly.
- Sausage, jelly beans and tea, jam. 63 pieces, you will be fat - continues the chief designer.
- Aha.
- Tonight, eat it all , - instructs Korolyov.
- The main thing - the sausage is here .
- Сhump, and he writes after all, the bastard! - in joke resents Korolev, knowing, that tape recorder captures every word.
10 hours 01 minute... The whole world listens to radio, listens to Moscow. The whole world held its breath. Known his name, but the world still knows nothing about him...
"Dear friends, relatives and strangers, compatriots, people of all countries and continents! In a few minutes, a mighty spaceship will take me to the far reaches of the Universe. What can I say to you in these last minutes before the start! Now I see my whole life like a one wonderful moment. Everything that has been done before, has been lived and done for the sake of this moment... to Be the first in space, to join one on one in an unprecedented duel with nature-is it possible to dream of more! I tell you, dear friends, goodbye, as people always say to each other, going on a long journey. I wish I could hug you all, friends and strangers, near and far! See you soon!»
In the Observatory there's no knocking or noise.
- Attention, ready! Ignition... I wish you a good flight!
-Let's hit the road !
"The sky is very black. The earth is blue. You can see everything very clear." Space - such an unattainable and mysterious-has always been a terrible secret for mankind, for the attempt to solve which human was punished by death.
And here, alone with the universe might make you wonder about your destiny, about the destiny of all humanity. Once in space, you realize how tiny humanity is in the endless dark. Space is cold, dark and empty, but space is as beautiful as our planet ..."Flying around the Earth in a satellite ship, I saw how beautiful our planet is. People must keep and increase this beauty, not destroy it!»