People believe that the world is seen differently through each other's eyes. But, expressing on the difference between each person is hard because we see only our own life through our eyes.

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I know that each and every person has grown up in different backgrounds, with cultural and religious interference. But, give me a moment to express the world through my eyes.

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To me, the world is both wonderful and frightening. There is so much to learn and understand, and only patience can give us the ability to do that. I also see hurt and fear, but also comfort and bravery. I see resilience for what has happened and I see the capability to overpower those who wish to cause harm.

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My belief is if we continue to follow the steps of those before us, we may end up in another war that will cost us many lives, both family and friends. We must make our own paths if we are to become stronger.

So, know this is what I see... but what about you? What do you see?