Hey Guys, today we're exposing this dumbass old cheese emiIylicious on ROBLOX.

She used to be my best friend, we loved playing, so I went to YouTubers groups on ROBLOX, popular YouTubers.

she has been commenting on the Group Wall "Rank Me As Cheese Dog" Rank me a high rank.

she used our friendship, she asked one of my close friends Levi the grape to add her as a friend, she also begs for popular YouTubers to add her.

She used famous people as well to obtain fame from them, She lied, she used to have an account called Alp_acas, She made a new account called emiIylicious, then owned the group, she said in the group shout, Guys emi took a break on ROBLOX so she made me in charge, are you talking about your self ma'am, I'm sure it is bitch.

emiIylicious was her real life friends account, but technically not, she added PaulUnicorn, not real life friend, Txe01, Not real life friend, Sellah the homestore famous owner, Not real life friend, see.. she wants to obtain fame, she used us all.

I am considered as her real life friend, I exposed my face to her, she exposed hers to me too, then she removes me on snapchat, She used me to obtain fame.

Roblox user : @DaniiPlays
Old cheese bitch user : @emiIylicious
Article no.2 :)