Hi guys, it's Ems.
Today I'm back with an article about some cities you must visit once in life (part 1).
I've visited almost all of them, so I can tell you for sure they are really really really beautiful.

  • Venice, Italy
italy Superthumb Superthumb italy
Venice,the city of canals... I've visited Venice and I fell in love with its atmosphere, romantic and magical..
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
building Superthumb amsterdam amsterdam
Ahhh...Amsterdam, what a lovely city,yet so fun.
  • Budapest, Hungary
beautiful budapest Superthumb budapest
I love Budapest,I went there once and I absolutely want to visit this city again.
  • London, UK
Big Ben london Big Ben Big Ben
London,what a beautiful and open-minded city.So full of shops,parks and squirrels
  • Paris,France
city coffee coffee aesthetic
Oh,Paris mon amour. When I travelled abroad for the first time, this city was my destination. Romantic,pure magic.
  • New York, USA
building Superthumb Superthumb bridge
New york is amazing,stunning,fashion,free and fun.
  • Madrid, Spain
city city beautiful architecture
Madrid can be summed up in 3 words: warm,architecture,fun.

So girls,that's all for now, but soon there will be part 2 and New articles , so stay tuned. Wish I had more time for my articles,but I try my best :)

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Take care, Ems