Hello beautiful people in WHI ❣ I saw this ABC tag many times and I find it interesting and funny, soo I decided to do one by myself. That's my second tag the first one was about describing myself in pictures. You can chek it if you want to. So lets begin:

Ⓐ- Age - 16 (soon 17)★

September, autumn, and fall image birthday, sweet 16, and 16th birthday image

Ⓑ- Best movies - "The fault in Our stars"✵ and "The golden compass"⌚

love, the fault in our stars, and couple image the golden compass image

Ⓒ- Current time - 14:32⌛

flowers, pink, and clock image

Ⓓ- Drink you last had - Coffee☕

cup, bird, and forest image coffee, monday, and motivation image

Ⓔ- Every day starts with - Waking up☼

monday, simpsons, and bart image mountains, nature, and travel image

Ⓕ- Favourite song - I like so many songs I can't tell which is my favourite.. But these days I listen to "Three Days Grace - Right Left Wrong" the most♫

music, time, and quotes image painkiller and three days grace image

Ⓖ- Grossest memory - If I have to be honest I can't remember my grossest memory, but recently I had one dream about one boy with who I'm not talking now. He was kinda obssesed with me and believed I was obsessed with him too, and was trying to kiss me so many times... And I don't like him at all.☠

demi lovato, demi, and like image grunge, pink, and quotes image

Ⓗ- Height - Around 5,5 ft.♡

funny, friends, and short image girl, problem, and funny image

Ⓘ- In love with - My boyfriend, photography, writing, posting, music, animals, coffee, flowers, traveling... I like very much many things❣

girl, dress, and camera image vintage, flowers, and typewriter image music, quotes, and listen image girl, dog, and cute image arboles, chill, and nature image Dream, explore, and discover image

Ⓙ- Jelaous - I'm very jealous. What is mine, is mine I don't like to share people✖

funny, jealous, and babe image love, mine, and couple image

Ⓚ- Killed someone -only with eyes.⚠

killed, mind, and three image rose, knife, and red image

Ⓛ- Last time you cried -Yesterday... I cry a lot.☔

art, girl, and blue image crybaby, melanie martinez, and cry baby image

Ⓜ- Middle name - It may sounds weird to you, but in my country(Bulgaria) It's common - Rosenova❁

90's, insane, and pastel goth image

Ⓝ- Number of siblings - Only one.☘

family, boy, and blonde image
My borther is a lot younger than me, so if you think this is a picture of mother and her child, for me it looks like us.

Ⓞ- One wish -To be happy☺.

happy, quotes, and flowers image

Ⓟ- Person you last called/texted - I last called my mother✆, and I last texted to one inspirating person here in WHI.✉

starbucks, iphone, and we heart it image

Ⓠ- Question you're always asked - Are you okay, you look exhausted?☟

exhausted, quotes, and mentally image sleep, club, and no sleep image

Ⓡ- Reasons to smile - My boyfriend, my friends, my falimy, good grades, making memories, time with my pets.♥

smile and happy image smile, pink, and quotes image

Ⓢ- Song you last sang - "Three Days Grace - Pain"♪

frozen, funny, and sing image

Ⓣ- Time you woke up - Around 9:30☀

easel, fish, and head image

Ⓤ- Underwear color - Pink....✿

pink, girly, and underwear image

Ⓥ- Vacantion places - I've been only in Bulgaria and Romania.✈

moon, cave, and bulgaria image blue sky, building, and bucharest image

Ⓦ- Worst Habit - Being lazy.✗

beach, Hot, and tan lines image Lazy, quotes, and why image

Ⓧ- X-rays you've had - Middle finger on my left hand.

90's, best friends, and hipster image

Ⓨ- Your favourite food - Hard choice... Maybe lasagna.♡

food, lasagna, and cheese image

Ⓩ- Zodiac sign - Virgo♍

art, goddess, and virgo image

Thank you for reading my article. I hope you had as much fun as me while reading it. If you want you can text me I'd love to make friends here. You can chek also my other articles and collections. Have a nice day/night while scrolling in WHI❣