1 - My Syle :

black, style, and blackpink image black, aesthetic, and rose image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image

2 - My Favorite Colors :

fashion, style, and vans image black, jeans, and grunge image
arizona, clouds, and highway image moon, sky, and purple image
ocean, water, and sea image love, quotes, and sad image
Dark Blue
sea, blue, and ocean image accessories, aesthetic, and architecture image
Dark Red
Image removed chanel, dark, and dark red image

3 - Animal :

aesthetic, blue, and cat image cat, cute, and animal image

4 - Food :

burger, delicious, and fast food image pizza and cencilla image

5 - Tv Shows :

La Casa De Papel
beach, date, and netflix image quotes, love, and la casa de papel image
skam image quotes and skam image
Teen Wolf
teen wolf, wallpaper, and wolf image teen wolf, quotes, and stiles image

6 - Books :

The Fault In Our Stars
book image Image removed
The Sun Is Also A Star
book, the sun is also a star, and reading image book, emotions, and hope image
Divergnet / Insurgent / Allegiant
Image by PrimRose divergent, fear, and four image

7 - Movies :

The Twilight Saga
bella and edward, breaking dawn, and twilight image bella cullen, bella swan, and edward cullen image
The Hunger Games
the hunger games, gif, and hunger games image catching fire, hunger games, and the hunger games image

8 - Songs :

National Anthem - Lana Del Rey
lana del rey, national anthem, and gif image national anthem, lana del rey, and aesthetic image
Strangers - Halsey
Lyrics, wallpaper, and halsey image rose, wallpaper, and halsey image

- Thanks For Reading , Hope You Enjoy