I wake up early just so I can see your calm expression when you're away from me
away, in the dreamland of yours which I am not able to share with you.

Image by Intricate Syndacate

I wake up and I see
the vulnerable you.
The you that you are reluctant to show me
with the reason being that you don't want me to think of you as someone weak.
But the truth is,
we are all weak.
We need to be weak once in a while;
we need to fall in order to start lifting ourselves up again.

water, hands, and blue image

I wake up and I know that
only when I share the silence with you,
I feel safe,
I feel safe even if this is the time when you are weak.
And that moment is the one that I will imprint deep into my soul,
so that I never forget you.

Stay true,